UAE Golden Visa Drops ‘Minimum Down Payment’ Rule

Effective January 24, 2024, the UAE has eliminated the previously mandated minimum down payment of AED1 million ($272,000) or 50 % of the property’s value for the Golden Visa related to real estate. This implies that irrespective of the down payment amount and the property’s status (whether off-plan, completed, mortgaged, or not mortgaged), investors are now eligible for a Golden Visa by possessing a property valued at AED2 million ($545,000)or more.

Investors opting for properties valued at AED2 million ($545,000) or higher can now access long-term residency privileges in the U.A.E . The Golden Visa, valid for 10 years and subject to renewal under the same conditions, offers investors the opportunity to integrate into the vibrant community of the UAE and expand their investment endeavors